My Favorite Fonts (This Week LOL)

My Favorite Fonts (This Week LOL)

I have a ridiculous amount of fonts. And I am ok with that, because fonts can either destroy a design or be the money maker! You know I am not lying!

These are my favorite fonts of this week! Each name is a clickable link to get that font:

  1. True Love: This font is perfect for the month of February. Of course its the month of love. I think this font is perfect for Social Media Posts and Valentines Day Specials
  2. Good Dino: Decorative fonts will always be a favorite because WELL ITS A FONT! Not a SVG that I have to organize and size, you know what I mean LOL. Use this font in a cute Dino themed Chip Bag, change colors of the words or even individual letters to match the colors of your theme.
  3. Monogram Heart: This font is a little different. Each letter is a decorative font. There is so many possibilities with this font. Change the color to white, maybe add some shadows to give the letters a little depth and add to a medium pink shirt. I think Im going to do that now LOL.
  4. Ask Why: This font is so dang cute, I have literally changed my entire brand to add this font to everything. Its just bold and cute! It has become a staple in my party favors as of late. Its boldness really ties into children themes. I love using Bevel and Emboss in Photoshop to give the font more creativity. 

Please let me know how you use these fonts in the comments below or even just to say Hi! Subscribe to our emails to get our weekly updates!


Favorite Fonts

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